Virtual Reality in your business ?

Virtual Reality attractions are the future of out-of-home entertainment.


VEX Adventure

A free-roaming multiplayer VR solution, enhanced with top of the line Physical Effects

  • Fast ROI

  • Easy to use

  • Compact

  • Future-ready

  • Attractive

  • For Business

  • Great Library

  • Physical Effects

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Specialized in VR, we develop high-end attractions combining our experience in game production, IT development, electronics and events.

About US

VEX Solutions built its experience by running its own VR arcade in Belgium. We learned that the key for a successful attraction is the automation of all the processes involved as well as keeping it highly appealing for customers.

That is why we created VEX Solutions: a set of easy-to-use attractions that only one person will manage with a single touchscreen and software. They will boost revenue while saving money on operation.

Our mission is to deliver the best customer experience, the kind that will make businesses grow with new and returning customers everyday. To achieve this goal, all our products are tested in our own arcade so we know exactly what people want and how to deliver it.