VEX Adventure

A free-roaming multiplayer VR solution, enhanced with top of the line Physical Effects

  • Fast ROI

    High revenue & Small footprint
  • Turnkey

    Easy to operate & Less operator time
  • Compact

    6 X 6 m² & Fits all configurations
  • Future-ready

    Updates & New games
  • Attractive

    Great look & High-end technology
  • For business

    Customer service & Analytics
  • Single Payement

    No licensing & No shared revenue
  • Physical Effects

    Feel the game & Thrilling
  • VEX Adventure Details – Insights 1

    VEX Adventure is a free-roaming, multiplayer VR experience, enhanced with top of the line physical effects. Up to 4 players can play simultaneously in a 25 square meters area for short periods of time. Its small footprint benefits businesses by providing a high return on investment per square meter.

    VEX Adventure also comes with its turnkey software and game. Without no particular knowledge needed, one person will be able to operate the whole setup through a single touchscreen, effectively cutting the cost of operations and training personnel.

  • Eventually, what makes VEX Adventure so unique is its set of special effects implemented in the system, giving it those extra adrenaline kicks that will bring back the crowds.

    Up to 4 special effects will take place during the experience: wind, heat, smells and vibrations. In addition to those, players will handle real-life weapons with haptic feedback, making their game session memorable. Add the immersion that only VR can provide and you get an attraction which will attract lots of new customers from a wider area, as well as making them come back for more!

    VEX Adventure is perfect for: Family entertainement centers, arcades, malls, cruise ships, lasertags, theme parks, casinos, bowling alleys, cinemas, hotels, trampoline centers,…

    VEX Adventure Details – Insights 2


MISSION Z is the first game provided with a VEX Adventure setup.

In this spine-chilling adventure, players will go through a creepy mansion filled with zombies to find one of the many ways out after they accidentally activate a game they weren’t suposed to play…replayability guaranteed!