VEX Racing

A realistic, VR racing motion simulator

  • Fast ROI

    High revenue & Small footprint
  • Turnkey

    Management software & Less operator time
  • Compact

    X m² & Fits all configurations
  • Attractive

    Great look and feel & Thrilling
  • Future-ready

    Updates & New games
  • Built for business

    Customer service & Analytics

VEX Racing is a realistic motion simulator with an appealing look and packed with sensations. Many players can take part in the experience at the same time in a small area, providing businesses a high profit per square meter and quick return on investment.

VEX Racing comes with its own software specially designed to reduce operating time. Used with a single touchscreen, the program will facilitate the operator’s work by automating some of the most time-consuming tasks to let you focus on what is really important.

With VEX Racing, your customers will get a handful of sensations. In addition to the thrilling realism brought by the simulator, they will literally feel the motors humming under their seats with an added vibration effect.

Eventually, it also comes with one of the top games on the market to deliver the best VR customer experience, ensuring businesses their customers will always want to come back for more. Connect many simulators in the same game session and you will have an even more appealing multiplayer attraction!

VEX Adventure is perfect for: Family entertainement centers, arcades, malls, cruise ships, lasertags, theme parks, casinos, bowling alleys, cinemas, hotels, trampoline centers,…

  • VEX Racing Details – Insights Project Cars


    PROJECT CARS 2 is the reference in terms of racing simulation.

    Players will be able to race lots of different vehicules going from kartings to formula 1, on the most well-known racetracks. Add the immersion that only VR provides and you get a jaw-dropping racing experience!